Monday, November 23, 2015

Four Reviews

I'm not sure what to say about Shutter, anymore. It's just a weird little fantasy comic that I enjoy. Issue 17 brings us to a short break -- the next issue comes out in February -- and ends on a potential game-changer, as Kate has had quite enough, thanks very much, and is about to set her own rules.

Harley Quinn 22
An old enemy is resurrected and makes Harley's return to NYC most unwelcome as she sends assassins after Harley. The usual loopy fun.

Titans Hunt 2
I'm still enjoying this, which surprises me a bit. Not much happens as this story seems to be a slow burn, but Dick goes to find Garth and it's a most unpleasant meeting. Meanwhile, Roy, more disoriented than ever, gets into more trouble. I'm not sure where this is going, but I'm enjoying the ride.

Ms. Marvel 1
Six months after the world didn't quite end, Kamala seems to be coming out of a funk. And what a busy six months it's been! She's an Avenger now, and that's been keeping her busy, along with school and her regular Ms. Marvel duties, so she's a bit thrown to discover some sinister developer is threatening Jersey City, but even more unsettling, Bruno has a girlfriend! This book might be starting over with issue 1, but it's continuing its story and in fine form.


  1. Poor Kampala. She wasn't in love with Bruno, but she's still quite indignant that he's got a girlfriend. Who, incidentally is just a cuddle-bug.

    1. Bruno is a wonderful character, and I like Mike, too. This should be interesting.