Monday, November 30, 2015

What a Week

Yeah, I'm experimenting with titles.

Okay, the reviews, brief as usual.

Star-Lord 1
This is a year one story by Sam Humphries and illustrated by Javier Garron in a nice, expressive, cartoonish style. In this version, Peter's mother was killed by aliens and, at eighteen or so, he works as a mechanic at NASA where he dreams of flying the Asterion One, a Kree Warbird that, so far, no one has been able to push the warp drive into operation. Peter thinks he can do it. Peter is young, possibly brilliant, impetuous, and, did I mention? young. Given his personality, it's no surprise that he takes matters into his own hands and it doesn't go as planned. A fun start to this new-look Star-Lord.

Astro City 29
A first chapter of a story told from an alien pov, with humans viewed as evil invaders. I can't wait to see how this turns out. Topnotch, as usual.

DC Comics Bombshells 5
I still think they're packing too much in her, too many characters who need their backstory presented, which shortchanges most of them, not to mention keeps the connecting tissue a bit confusing. Plus, not all the characters are equally interesting. This issue focuses somewhat on the Russian versions of Supergirl and Star Girl, as well as Batwoman, Catwoman, and introduces Harley Quinn. The cover is stunning.

The Spirit 5
Denny is back in action, and looking for the Octopus and his missing friends. Pretty goofy, loads of fun. I think this version of The Spirit is in the uh, spirit of the original Spirit.

Black Magick 2
I love this comic. Nicola Scott's monochrome art is stunning and perfectly suited for Rucka's latest comics effort. The mystery of the guy targeting Det. Rowan Black forms the thrust of this chapter, but there's the character development I expect from Rucka, along with the tight pacing and intriguing reality. If you're looking for something interesting focusing on a female lead, and you like magic and mysteries, you'd do well to pick this up.

And finally, the best of the week....

Saga is back!

Saga 31 focuses on Hazel. It's been a few years since she's been taken, along with her granny, from her parents and now is in kindergarten, where she seems to be thriving despite being in what appears to be a detention center. New characters are introduced, including Hazel's teacher and some other detainees. It's nice seeing Hazel take center stage now that she's old enough to have some agency and the ability to move her own story forward. Saga is everything great about comics and more so.

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