Thursday, December 10, 2015

Comics that Annoyed Me

It's been a mixed couple of weeks. I still have two more to read and review, both from last week, but since I doubt either will irritate me, I'll just go with these to review.

DC Comics Bombshells 6
The main characters do so much explaining, I'm starting to nod off. Mera met Supergirl and Star Girl and some other stuff happened.

Gotham Academy 12-13
Issue 12 is fine. The gang hunts for Kyle and Olive learns a bit more about her mother and Calamity, which could be fun moving forward. Except the next issue is a Robin War tie-in, and therefore, pretty much filler. A new girl has been sent to the Academy on a temp basis and it turns out that she's a Robin, and there's a zombie, maybe, and the whole thing is a big yawn.

Hawkeye 2
Um, excuse me, the All-New Hawkeye, which is basically the previous Hawkeye because it's the same story Lemire was telling then, only with less cohesion than before. The flashforward scenes (30 years in the future!) look like sketches for the actual art, but we don't get the actual art. The scenes in the present try to look like the art in Fraction's Hawkeye run, but it doesn't quite achieve the emotion that book had. But the present-day scenes do look better than the flashforwards; I'll give them that. But worse, the cover is bland. If I wasn't already getting this comic (on my Pull List), I would never pick it off the shelf. Nothing eye catching or intriguing about it. And I'm so tired of those ugly kids (actually, all the art in this iteration of Hawkeye has been ugly) who SHIELD has been using as weapons. How anyone thought this was a story worthy of so many issues is beyond me.

Starfire 7
This fluffy superhero book has been fine. I didn't much mind that this Kori seems to not have been in a relationship with Roy Harper, nevermind that in Red Hood/Arsenal, that ended relationship is still part of Roy's life. I even didn't mind her seeming to not be on Earth long and unknowledgeable of so many English idioms. But with this issue's guest star, Dick Grayson, my irritation with the book is on the rise. This Kori has, apparently recently broken up with Dick, or maybe the relationship ended when he "died." There's just something off about this book and it's starting to bother me more and more. I have no sense of where Kori fits in the DCU. I know DC said something about not having their books all fit into a big continuity, anymore, but here, I think it hurts, because it's hard to grasp who Kori is, beyond her overly sweet personality. And yet, it's a nice comic with a female lead character and I want to support it.

Red Hood Arsenal 7
Two big problems with this for me. 1) The Robin War tie-in that adds nothing to the book. All it gives us is yet more of Jason ruminating about his past and having a heart-to-heart with Tim about that very thing. And 2) The Joker's Daughter, a character I've never liked in any version. She and Roy try to bond while Jason's off with Tim. *yawn*

Codename Baboushka 3
The next chapter in the opening story is decent enough, with a bit of mystery. Pirates have overrun the ship where Baboushka has crashed an auction for some deadly intell, but the plot twist could be seen far too soon and wasn't at all surprising for me when it was revealed. I'm also not enjoying the simplistic feminist essay in the back of each issue. The essays in Bitch Planet are far better, even when I don't always agree. I'd rather that page or two revert to LoCs.

Barb Wire 6
That this is the best of this batch is what surprises me. The issue is decent, mostly Barb recounting what happened when she first met the current mark, the one the government wants her to track down. At least, it was entertaining.


  1. I agree with you completely about Gotham Academy. It was...okay, but nothing to write home about. And I miss the prior art.

    I dumped Hawkeye, which makes me sad, but the new one is just...tedious.

    1. I think there's just one more issue for the current Hawkeye story, so I'll probably get that. I don't know what they plan for after this story is finished and I'm not sure I care. "Tedious" is the right word for it.