Friday, February 12, 2016

Reviews of the Week

I'm actually getting these reviews up in a timely fashion lately. How long can that last? We'll see.

Starfire 9
It was announced that the book will end with issue 12, as Palmiotti and Conner had a deal for 12 issues and that the book would end when they left. I have mixed feelings about the book ending. I won't particularly miss it, but it's a good, fun book, reasonably kid friendly (well, adolescent-friendly, at least) and has lovely art. Elsa Charretier took over art chores this issue and her drawings are a delight. As for the story, Kori, Stella, and Atlee head for Atlee's home deep under Earth's surface. There's a lot of talking. Not much happens. Even when a lot happens, it's a bit dull for me, and this is not the Kori I love. It's only half of her, the optimistic part, but for someone who already had a relationship with Dick Grayson, as acknowledged in previous issues when he showed up, she still comes across as too innocent, too newly arrived on Earth/ignorant of human slang and customs. It drives me crazy because I want to love this book and I don't. For me, it's just a pleasant diversion, which is fine, but nothing more.

Then there's Red Hood Arsenal 9.
Yes, I'm still reading it. Jason's narration for once didn't rehash his entire history, though he did, as usual, ruminate on his training at least once, as if that's a requirement. But the story arc concluded with a bit of poignancy and Joker's Daughter, a character I've never liked in any iteration, actually came across as three-dimensional, even human. For once since Lobdell's return as writer on the book, things didn't feel like a step back or that he's just treading water. For once since he returned to writing the book, he made me feel something.

Gotham Academy 15
More Yearbook short stories with a framing story. This is more of the excuse of showing different takes on the characters, giving us a fun variety of writing and art styles. Nothing much happens, but it's fun to look at.

DC Comics Bombshells 9
The middle chapter of a storyline focusing on Kortni, Kara, and Mera, plus Wonder Woman. With a more narrowed focus, this story is easier to follow. I just wish I was enjoying this more than I am.

Ms. Marvel 4
Kamala is overwhelmed with Avengers' duty and being Ms. Marvel for Jersey City and keeping up with schoolwork, so when Bruno comes up with an interesting scheme using the school's 3-D printer to replicate Loki's lightning golems (from a previous issue), Kamala gets an idea that we just know can't end well. Fun stuff.

Black Canary 8
Sandy Jarrell takes over on art, and while the style of the book remains constant, I missed Wu's art. At any rate, we come in on what feels like the middle of a story, where Dinah and Mari (Vixen!) are prisoners and Dinah is being forced to do battle and she has an aunt who is helping her and there's a plan for Dinah to find out what happened to her mother. Meanwhile, the music group is sent to help Dinah, but Dinah and Mari escape and I have no idea what's going on or where this is going. It's still a fun book, intriguing in its own odd way, so I'll stick with it.

Descender 10
Not much story advancement, other than Andy going to talk to his very weird ex who he hopes has info that will help him find Tim-21. The rest of the issue is mostly table-setting for intrigue and danger to come. But it's good. Very good.


  1. Ms. Marvel just cracked me up. Gotham Academy was nice too.

    1. It is nice to have comics that are actually fun.