Sunday, March 13, 2016

Eight Reviews

I'm really running out of new ways to title this posts.

In no particular order....

Starfire 10
Kori, Stella, and Atlee have their adventure in Atlee's homeland under the ocean. There's an attack, but things work out, and as usual, this is a pleasant, brisk read. The art by Elsa Charretier is a delight.

Red Hood Arsenal 10
Still holding on to top place for worst title of a comic ever, this is one book I won't miss with DC's upcoming Rebirth. I have no idea what version of Roy, if any, we'll get to see in the latest reboot, but it'll have to be better than this. Just when I thought this comic had found its heart with last issue's treatment of Duela, this one pretty much negates it. A lot of time is spent on Duela getting and passing a therapy session so she can join Jason and Roy, but of course, she's just been pretending to not have an ulterior motive. I suspect I'll be back to hating her next issue. Meanwhile, Jason and Roy work a case that goes sideways. (Don't they all?) I did like Dexter Soy's art.

Ms. Marvel 5
What a hoot this issue is. Kamala's plan to have a few Kamala dopplegangers help her be in more than one place at the same time in hopes of easing the stress on her time goes horribly wrong as an army of Kamalas overrun the neighborhood to often hilarious effect. I actually chuckled aloud on the subway while reading when I got to the scene where a fake Kamala joins her family meeting her brother's future in-laws. This is hands-down my favorite Marvel comic.

Codename Baboushka 5
Thus concludes The Conclave of Death story arc, in rather satisfying fashion. Despite a cartoonish art style, the story was rather serious, dealing with terrorists and double crosses, and I enjoyed it.

Shutter 19
This issue is really three stories in one, with three of Kate's siblings reading their father's journal, the part that pertains to each one. The pages are broken into thirds, so following along got a bit confusing for me and I was tempted to read each section in order before going on to the next one back at the beginning. I don't think I explained it quite right. At any rate, given the loopiness of this comic, it was quite appropriate for it to tell three chapters of Kristopher Sr. at the same time, sorta. This is definitely the weirdest comic I read.

Gotham Academy 16
Another Yearbook issue, in which Maps tries to become the next Robin and comes up with a scheme to give the detective club something to do together. The real fun of these yearbook issues is getting to see different art styles on the book.

Mockingbird 1
I decided to give this a try, and it sure is different. The first issue is apparently purposefully confusing. A 5-issue story is planned, and things should start to come clear over the next few issues, but so far, Bobbi must report weekly to a SHIELD medical facility for testing due to the chemical mix she's been recently given (Super Soldier serum and Infinity Formula). Chelsea Cain did a credible job on writing chores and the art by Kate Niemoczyk is nice, though I would've preferred a more realistic approach. I'll keep reading.

Descender 11
The end of the second arc and it leaves off on a cliffhanger, with Tim-21 learning what the Hardwire really have in store for his human companions and the rest of humanity. Meanwhile, Andy continues his search for Tim-21. This is a wonderful comic for fans of science fiction, especially lovers of robots and AIs.


  1. Ms. Marvel is, and continues to be completely fabulous

    And I didn't know that Atlee was in Starfire!

    1. Yeah, they introduced her a couple of issues or so ago. But the book is ending with Rebirth, I believe, so only a few more issues to go.