Friday, May 20, 2016

This Week

In no particular order, what I read this week.

Star-Lord 7
This was actually fun, as in I chuckled out loud. Peter and Kitty have been nabbed by the Collector who wants the true story of their breakup. He also, apparently, wants Kitty. Meanwhile, Rocket and Groot are playing a board game of some sort, so a rescue is not imminent. I wasn't thrilled with the previous issue which wasn't funny enough or serious enough or something enough, but throwing the Collector into the mix added just the right amount of wackiness needed for a fun read.

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death 5 (of 6)
The art in this book continues to impress (2 pencillers, 3 inkers, plus the colorist). The story takes a bizarre turn as Ivy's sporelings are growing at a rapid rate and are now teens. Rose, Hazel, and Thorn have never been out in the world, but they want to see life outside the apartment, so they sneak out to go clubbing. The adventure does not go well. I've been really enjoying this.

Titans Hunt 8
The ending seems a bit rushed, but the Twister is defeated and the gang decides to try being the Titans again, even if they don't really remember being the Teen Titans way back when. So, the stage is set for Titans: Rebirth, which makes me very happy.

Astro City 35
The new story arc focuses on Jack in the Box. The grandson of the original Jack narrates the story of his family's history, but it looks like what he and his father thought happened to the first Jack might not have been the whole story. I can't wait for next issue.

Harley Quinn 28
Palmiotti and Conner's version of Deadpool is smitten with Harley, so he's arranged an impromptu wedding for the two of them with kidnapped guests in attendance. Harley is not amused by any of it, but the police have been called because the mayor wants to be rid of Harley once and for all. Predictably, chaos prevails, but also, as usual, Harley comes out on top. For sheer lunacy, this book is tough to beat. It's also entertaining.


  1. What is it with Kitty and guys named Peter anyway? Its starting to look like a fetish.