Friday, May 13, 2016


Here's what I read this week.

DC Comics Bombshells 12
Conclusion to last issue's story: "The Battle of Britain." The Bombshells take on the Tennabrae and some demon called the Titan. Aside from a lot of talking, this moved along fairly well. Mera sacrificed her power to take down the demon and was captured. And someone else sacrificed herself. I wish I liked this more, but it's just not hitting me right. The cover is lovely, though.

Adventures of Supergirl 1
This is the book based on the TV show, which was renewed -- Yay! -- and is moving to the CW (which means a lower budget and a move from filming in LA to Vancouver, so there might be changes). The cover by Cat Staggs is gorgeous, but the interior art by Bengal, while cute, has the characters looking too young and not enough like the cast. Sterling Gates is writing and he's always had a nice feel for Kara's essence. There's a nice shoutout to Jamal Igle who illustrated much of Gates' previous Supergirl book. This is a fun start to this version of Supergirl in print. It's the only "based on the TV show" comic I'm reading from DC, but it's Supergirl, so I have to.

Gotham Academy Yearbook 18
It's been fun seeing different creative teams take on these characters and this is the strongest of the Yearbook issues. Plus, Damian guest stars again.

Harley Quinn's Gang of Harleys 2 (of 6)
The kidnapping of Harley gets complicated as her gang members become targets. Fun, but not as much as Harley's main book.

Shutter 21
More background as Kate prepares to do battle. This is without a doubt the weirdest comic I read.

Starfire 12
And... that's a wrap. Kori says her goodbyes as she prepares to leave Florida, bringing this fun bit of fluff to an end.

Red Hood Arsenal 12
In a weird spoof of DC's phone vote as to whether or not the Joker should kill Jason/Robin, Roy has been captured and the comic book public gets to vote via the internet on whether he lives or dies. "Dies" is winning by a huge margin. Jason sets out to rescue him, while Roy learns who is behind the whole thing. One issue to go before this book mercifully ends, so I'll stick with it because of Roy. Roy in any form is still my favorite character.

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