Friday, May 06, 2016

Weekly Reading

Just 4 reviews this week.

Black Widow 3
Natasha continues on her mission for her blackmailer, this time heading to the ruins of the Red Room to retrieve a file, providing an opportunity for flashbacks. The last page is a nice cliffhanger, as there's more going on here than just the Weeping Lion yanking her chain. I'm still intrigued.

Miss Fury 2
Marla's attempts to uncover the people behind the theft of her firm's plans for a ship's rotors leads her to an archive. I always like library settings! Anyway, things are getting weird, and Jonathan Lau's art is lusciously realistic and perfectly evoke the 1940s.

The Spirit 10
Denny gets a step closer to finding the elusive Mikado Vaas, only to lose his latest lead. This has been a merry chase.

Thunderbolts 1
I'll admit it. I decided to read this because of Winter Soldier. I don't know the other characters, but so far, they feel rather interchangeable. Bad guys turned good guys can be fun, but I tend to prefer the lunacy of a Secret Six or Suicide Squad, where bad guys do good, sorta/mostly, against their will, usually. Anyway, this follows directly from Standoff! with Bucky and his team hiding Kobik, the cosmic cube in the form of a four-year-old girl. The art by Malin is decent, though the one adult female character, Moonstone, is often posed ridiculously. Zub's writing seems serviceable, though so far, there's nothing to distinguish it. I don't know what his long game is, but so far, well, let's just say I'll keep reading because Bucky is in the book.


  1. Black Widow does seem to be heating up, and I am quite intrigued. I liked the old Thunderbolts, but haven't really been keeping up with them lately.

    1. I wouldn't have bothered with Thunderbolts if not for Bucky, to be honest.