Saturday, June 25, 2016

More Rebirthing

DC's Rebirth continues and continues to entertain me. Wow, I'm excited to even type that. I picked up only 2 of the Rebirth titles this week, but both were good.

Flash 1
I'm really enjoying Carmine Di Giandomenico's art. It has a nice, fluid feel that well suits a book about speedsters. Barry is trying to acclimate to the new reality, now that Wally has returned and told him about the missing decade. But life goes on, with new cases for a police forensics specialist to handle and spending time with his friend Iris and her nephew Wally -- the other Wally. Joshua Williamson handles explanatory info fairly unobtrusively in Barry's narration, filling in some gaps for those of us returning to Flash after not having read the New 52 Flash or for those readers new to the character. This is a nice start for the ongoing Flash title.

Wonder Woman 1
This wowed me. Rucka jumps into things with Diana seeking out someone for, she hopes, some answers to her newfound confusion, while Etta Candy is busy overseeing an op being run by Steve Trevor in the same general rainforest area of Bwunda where Diana is prowling. Etta isn't sure these two things aren't connected when Diana is spotted flying into the forest, though Steve insists he hasn't had contact with Diana in a long time. Hints and something, but Rucka is going for the slow burn here. And that last page, when Diana finally reaches the person she seeks has me eager for more. But with the current story scheduled to alternate with a year one story, the wait will be a bit longer than I'd like. But what really made this book stand out for me is the art. Liam Sharp's Diana is stunning and strong and the page layouts have a fresh feel for a DC book, putting emphasis on the splendor of the rainforest while moving deftly through the rest of the story. I think I'm going to truly love this version of Wonder Woman.

In other comics I read...

Ms. Marvel 8
Kamala is recruited by Captain Marvel to help with her plan to stop crime/criminals before the crime is committed, thanks to an Inhuman who can predict such things one hundred per cent. Kamala gains a team of sidekicks -- who show promise as supporting cast -- but the mission might not be as clear cut as it seems. In going small with Ms. Marvel's role during Civil War II -- a wise choice -- author Wilson has room to explore the nuances of such actions and their implications, morally and ethically and even legally. This is not a new theme -- science fiction and other genres have dealt with it over the years -- but by showcasing the dilemma through the eyes and heart of a teen comic book hero, it brings the story close to the reader. We can feel Kamala's eagerness to help her mentor, the great Captain Marvel, and we feel the doubts that creep in when she tries to follow the plan. An added dimension of a framing story that features Kamala's grandparents makes this a personal, intimate story for Kamala, adding depth to an already excellent comic book.

Adventures of Supergirl 4
From what seemed a fairly superficial story at the start of this comic based on the TV show, the story has become involved and complicated. Sterling Gates does a great job with Kara, as usual, and the art this time by Carmen Carnero does a nice job evoking the actors on the show, especially with how Alex is drawn. Kara has felt she's being watched, and finding out the truth just adds another layer of mystery. I'm enjoying this more than I expected I would since they can't deviate too far from the show. I am still looking forward to the Rebirth version of Supergirl, too. It's great having Kara be so big in the DCU again.

And a holdover from last week...

Lumberjanes Gotham Academy 1
This mini-series looks to be a load of fun. I'm new to Lumberjanes, but they fit in nicely with the Gotham Academy gang. There's trouble afoot at the camp and it will take both teams to solve it. Fun fun fun.

There are two comics from this week I haven't read yet, since I got my comics late this week. Hopefully, I'll get them read and reviewed before Wednesday comes around again.

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