Sunday, June 26, 2016

Two Reviews

The final two reviews for the past week.

Harley Quinn 29
Harley and Tony embark on a scheme to earn some money, which Tony is sure is legit, but well, is anything ever really legit in this book? But Harley does gain a new toy: A car that converts into a super robot. The usual lunacy with humor suited for a 12-year-old. But somehow, also fun.

Bitch Planet 8
Seems like forever since the previous issue, making me grateful for the summary on the inside front cover. At any rate, Meiko's father wants to see his daughter now that he's at the prison to oversee construction of the new stadium, but since she's dead (a fact no one seems eager to tell him), he gets a virtual visit with her or rather, a construct of her and let's just say he isn't really fooled. So, he has something planned. Meanwhile, security guard Whitney is now in a cell with Kam and let's just agree that they'll never be besties. And with all that going on, we get to meet the first prisoners, the trans folks. Things are getting even more interesting, if possible. A hard hitting social satire keeps hitting all the right notes.

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