Friday, August 26, 2016

This Week

This week's reviews, minus two. A very eclectic group of comics, too.

Captain Marvel 8
A Civil War II tie-in and I mostly just skimmed it. Best part was when Carol visited Clint in prison where he's awaiting trial for killing Bruce Banner. Their discussion of the issues and implications of predictive justice/law enforcement was pretty good, with Carol coming off less strident than she's been since this Event story began. Not quite as effective was her similar discussion with Black Panther. The issue involved a lot of talking.

Miss Fury 5
The concluding chapter of this volume. The art by Jonathan Lau really made this book for me. Marla puts an end to the demon threat a bit more quickly than I expected, but overall, the whole story was entertaining.

Blue Beetle Rebirth 1
Confusing! Was Blue Beetle in the New 52? Does this pick up from that? At any rate, Jaime is reluctantly working with Ted Kord in the hope Ted can get the scarab off his back, and two evil robot-like super beings test him/try to kill him. Ted isn't all that helpful. I'm happy to see both Ted and Jaime, but there wasn't enough Paco and Brenda and their bantering didn't have the same fun element it had in the original, pre-New 52 book. But Dr. Fate shows up at the end to talk to Ted, so maybe things will get more interesting in the actual series.

Flash 5
Barry enjoys some "me" time, first watching a sunrise with Meena, then catching up with Iris, while Meena meets Wally West -- the one not in the Titans. She helps him train, but then they discover STAR Labs and the other speedsters have been attacked. I'm so enjoying this.

Titans 2
Kadabra conjures up earlier versions of the Titans to battle them and fun times ensue! It is fun when a hero has to battle someone with their own skills, when their only advantage is a bit more experience. And the moment when Roy, under the influence of bad Wonder Girl's lasso, blurts out that he loves Donna was priceless. I can't wait to see the followup to that! I'm so glad to have the Titans back.

Wonder Woman 5
Back to the present as Steve learns more about Cadullo's evil plans, while Diana and Cheetah stumble across Steve's captive team. It looks like the book is pulling back from the every two weeks schedule, darn it. This is definitely my favorite Rebirth DC book thus far.


  1. I really can't understand the point behind Civil War Redux, other than as a way to kill off some more characters for no good reason.

    Wonder Woman was been quite delightful. Blue Beetle didn't really have an enthralling plot, but oh...I did not care, I was so happy to see everybody again!

    1. Yeah. The idea of predicting crime before it happens is an interesting one and the subject of a few science fiction books. But they could've done that without this whole Civil War across all the books. It's just so annoying.