Monday, August 29, 2016

Last Two Last Week's Reviews

Here's the rest of what I got last week.

Harley's Little Black Book 4
I'm reading only the issues of this with guest stars I want to read with Harley. This features the Bombshells, and I was curious as to how this was going to be done. Conner and Palmiotti wrote the usual craziness, and Harley either went back in time/to an alternate reality or she dreamed the whole thing up. At any rate, she's mistaken for the Harley in the Bombshells and hilarity ensues. Actually, this was mostly fun, with Harley getting to beat up Hitler. The art is wonderful, most that of Billy Tucci.

Steve Rogers Captain America 4
We get more of Steve's past, presumably his manufactured past, and this backstory is one of the more intriguing facets of the story for me. In the present, Steve sets up Dr. Selvig with a spiffy lab, Maria is in deep doo-doo due to the whole Kobik Initiative and Pleasant Hill backfiring, Sharon testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee to push for a very powerful surveillance bill to allow SHIELD unprecedented ability to fight Hydra that has Steve's supposed support, Kobik is trying to keep Bucky from talking to Steve, and then.... well, Steve tells Selvig he wants him to help him restore Hydra's glory which means killing Red Skull. So, yeah, this story is definitely twisty and turny and complicated. I'm still intrigued. Plus, the art is really nice.

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