Thursday, September 01, 2016

This Week Part One

A mixed bag this week. I still have two to read: Gotham Academy Annual and DC Comics Bombshells Annual. Plus, I picked up two trades to read: Jessica Jones Avenger, which looks good and I can't get enough of Jessica Jones; and Superman: Lois and Clark, which by the time I'd heard it was good, it was already in the middle of its run. I'm enjoying the Superman Rebirth book so I'm looking forward to reading what led up to that.

Here's what I read in no particular order.

Dream Police 11
I was hoping this would end at issue 12, but this one says "to be continued," not "to be concluded," so I have no idea how long it'll take to get to the end of the story. I'm still loving it, but it's been at least two years now and it's getting hard to keep up my enthusiasm. Anyway, Joe learns the truth about Dreamland. Maybe.

Lazarus 24
The war between the families rages while Forever deals with what she's learned about her origin. I so love this book.

Thunderbolts 4
I'm reading this just for Bucky. And to see how it fits with the storyline in Captain America Steve Rogers. The Squadron Supreme is after the Thunderbolts. I have no prior exposure to the Squadron Supreme, but this left me unimpressed. The art continues to annoy me.

Saga 37
Marko, Alana, Hazel, and their traveling companions head to Phang, a hunk of space rock caught in the neverending war, to refuel. We all know this can't end well. This remains one of the best comics being published.

Ms. Marvel 10
I love Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, but Civil War II is bringing out the worst in her, and that is much on display here. Aside from the ethical issues of the predictive justice she not only supports but keeps pushing as the best kind of justice, the way she's manipulated Kamala into acting as her assistant has been deplorable. Never mind that Kamala is Ms. Marvel, a superhero in her own right. She's still a teenager, dealing with all the trials and tribulations all teens face as their hormones rage and they're caught between the innocence of childhood and the tough decisions adults have to make. It's so unfair of Carol to dump this on Kamala, and Kamala has had serious misgivings about predictive justice even before her best friend Bruno -- we see in this issue how they met in second grade -- was gravely injured at the end of last issue. G. Willow Wilson is doing a great job exploring the ramifications of predictive justice and how it affects individuals, from collateral damage to playing God. Kamala is getting a real lesson on the law of unintended consequences. I wish Carol Danvers was learning the same lesson.


  1. Saga is fabulous as always. And I just want to smack Carol right in the kisser for the crap that she is putting poor Kampala through.

    1. Yeah, Carol is really acting like a jerk.