Friday, October 14, 2016

Last Week This Week

So many comics! So little time!

Here are last week's reviews, plus a couple from this week. I didn't get this week's comics until yesterday because Wednesday was Yom Kippur. And there were a lot of them. Thanks to Rebirth at DC, and Image coming out with new titles I want to try, I'm getting a lot of comics each week and falling behind on the reading of them, again.

So, some quick takes on what I've read so far.

DC Comics Bombshells 18
The bombshells reunite with Mera and all is well, until the next adventure. This odd little book remains odd but mostly fun, and at least the plight of the Jews and other repressed people is being acknowledged, which at the start of this title, didn't seem to be the case.

Eclipse 2
A flashback to the day of the solar flare that killed millions, plus a deepening mystery. Interesting, enough so that I want to keep reading.

Harley Quinn 5
Harley decides to go undercover as a rock star, so she has to put together a band. The usual lunacy.

Superman 8
Supes and his super son are trapped on Dinosaur Island in this tribute to the late Darwyn Cooke.

Nightwing 6
Another chapter in the Monster Men crossover story I don't care about.

Jessica Jones 1
Bendis and Gaydos bring back Jessica in her own book, and apparently, she and Luke are split and he wants to know where their baby is, but she's not telling. Plus, she needs money, so it's back to work as a PI. I'm happy to have an ongoing JJ book.

Green Arrow 8
Ollie's stuck on an island and Dinah is there. I can't decide if he's hallucinating or not. I opted for the gorgeous Neal Adams variant cover.

Wonder Woman 8
An interlude that flashes back to Barbara Ann Minerva before she was Cheetah. Pretty good. She could headline her own book.

Flash 8
Barry and Wally (the second one) bound and Wally gets his Kid Flash costume.


  1. Jessica and Lime split up?


    1. Lime? I kinda like that! ;)

      But yeah, it looks like they're splitsville, damnit.

  2. How the heck did the spell check get lime out of Luke?