Monday, December 12, 2016

Late Reviews

Last week's comics. And I still have Nightwing to read. I've been saving it. And savoring the lovely cover art showing off Dick's clothed tush. :)

Harley Quinn 9
Harley deals with stress. The highlight is a dream sequence illo'd by Michael Kaluta!

Champions 3
The new team heads to the Asian subcontinent to help young women fight for their rights. This book is rather fun and makes points, too.

Green Arrow 12
Ollie, or rather GA, is being framed for murder. This is getting as dark as the Arrow TV show. Nice art, too, though it's a bit cartoonish for the storyline.

Superman 12
SHADE is after an editor of a small, local paper Lois hopes to write for. But is the editor really what she appears to be? Interesting first chapter of a new story.


  1. I really really like the new Champions book. It's rather nice to see them acting their ages, and they haven't got the jaded attitudes of the rest of the Avengers.

    1. Yes! The book has an honest, fresh feel to it.