Monday, December 05, 2016

Upon Review

A mixed bag this past week or so.

Ms. Marvel 13
I guess this can be called "the special election issue." Kamala is back home and gets involved in local politics after learning about last minute redistricting, aka gerrymandering. A good lesson in civics that would've played better before the election. Enjoyable enough, though.

Black Widow 8
Natasha stops an attempted assassination of the vice president. Not the strongest issue in the recent run, but the awesome cover compensates nicely.

Thunderbolts 7
I swear, I'd stop reading this if Bucky weren't in it. Such a forgettable book. Bucky, now a SHIELD prisoner, and Steve talk.

Harley Quinn 8
Harley and Ivy go on vacation, staying at a senior center in Florida. Along with the expected antics and bad jokes, there are some really poignant moments between Harley and Ivy.

Superman Annual 1
Featuring Swamp Thing! Swampy has sensed a disturbance in the Force, uh, Green. Mainly, this Superman, not being of this Earth, is sucking up more solar energy or something. Pretty cool story with lovely art.

Saga 40
Not a lot happens story-wise, but so much happens character-wise. I'm running out of ways to say how awesome this comic is.


  1. Yeah, Ms Marvel would probably have been slightly more topical if it had come out a little... earlier.

    I did like Black Widow. Her getting all pussy at the smug little girl was a hoot.

  2. Aaaah! Not pussy, pissy! It's a perfectly cromulent word!

    1. Ah! I was wondering what you meant. ;)

  3. I have GOT to be more careful about reading before I hit publish!