Monday, January 02, 2017


This batch includes comics from a couple of weeks, maybe longer. I've lost track. I also noticed that even for an off week, I still have a lot from my pull list. It's a rare week, indeed, when I have fewer than six comics to read. DC's bi-monthly titles are part of the reason. Reminds me of the '70s and early-'80s when I was reading 35-40 comics a month. Also, no Saga this week because it was recalled over a bad printing of the cover. That makes me sad. It should be in stock this week. Which makes me happy. Anyway, here are the reviews.

Frostbite 4
I'm starting to wish I'd just waited for a trade with this. Things kinda hit the fan and now I have to wait another month for the next chapter. The story is fine, but I'm really enjoying the art.

Serenity 3
There's more going on than our team thought, which is no surprise. But River is in real trouble and the crew doesn't know it yet. And... wait til next month. Argh! Almost as good as having the show back. Almost.

DC Holiday Special
These holiday specials are usually rather frivolous and forgettable, but this one had some really nice stories. The Superman/Batman short was charming. They included Batwoman, to work in a Chanukah reference or two, and the Nightwing story was fun. And who wouldn't be charmed a good Detective Chimp tale, especially when he teams up with Batman! The rest were okay, so overall, a decent holiday special.

Flash 13
Barry and Iris go on a date and Kid Flash works overtime to make sure nothing interrupts them. A decent little story.

Titans 6
A conclusion, mostly, to the first arc, with Wally Flash finding his way home, again, and hopefully, for good. I'm really enjoying this, but it's time to give the rest of the team the spotlight. Not Nightwing, who has his own book, but definitely, the others.

Black Widow 9
Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier guest stars! And it looks like Samee and Waid are maintaining the continuity from Brubaker's Winter Soldier book, thanks to Bucky clearly lamenting that Natasha doesn't remember what they once were to each other. Some other story stuff happened, but it wasn't as important to me as seeing Bucky. In the current parlance, I ship Natasha and Bucky.

Wonder Woman 13
In light of her home being gone and realizing her visits there over the years weren't real, Diana has retreated into herself. Which is bad because people are after her for the secrets of Themyscira, leaving it up to Steve to save them both. I love this book.

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special 1
Lovely cover, and some really nice art inside, with various artists and writers putting their spin on Diana. Plus, Lois Lane interviews Diana. It's a weird conceit that actually works.

Supergirl Being Super 1
I gave up on the continuity Supergirl title -- hated the art and was tired of the Kara as a high school student trope. Been there, done that years ago. Plus, the mashup of comics and TV SG realities was disappointingly annoying. So here I am, so far loving Kara as a high school student in this alternate reality story. I love that Kara is getting the Superman: American Alien, Secret Identity, and so on treatment that Superman has often gotten over the years. Told as some sort of Imaginary Tale or Elseworlds story, this supposes that Supergirl's pod crashed in a field on the Danvers' property eight years earlier and they took Kara in as their daughter. She's an average high school student who happens to have powers she keeps secret. The art is fine and the Danvers are just an average family. By the end of the first book, things are about to change. There's a lot of promise here and I'm looking forward to what happens next. I hope this truly is an alternate look at an icon who is regaining popularity thanks to the TV show, a story that really explores what makes Kara special as well as what makes her super. And it's about time!

I also read the latest Captain America: Steve Rogers. I'd hoped the story would've ended by now. I like the idea of it. The art is great. But this is just dragging on too long. I want to see Steve learn he's been manipulated, his memories replaced, by Kobik. I want to see the crap hit the fan. I'm tired of this overall foot dragging across the Marvel 'verse.


  1. Black Widow was indeed very nice, and it is always nice to see Bucky. Gosh I do love Chris Samnee. Wonder Woman was great too.

    It stinks about Saga, but I think you'll find it worth the wait.