Saturday, January 14, 2017

Two Weeks of Comics

What a bad start to the new year, missing a week of reviews. So, twice as many for this week. There's a lot, so I'll be brief, as I often am.

Champions 4
Fun story. The team isn't on a case, but their aircraft gets shot out of the sky over a misunderstanding of air space. The kids are just a delight.

Hawkeye 2
Kate's jump in, take no prisoners, PI license-what PI license approach to investigating makes for breezy storytelling. Her client is missing and there's more going on than it seems. This book by Kelly Thompson is refreshing in the way Matt Fraction's take on Clint Barton was refreshing. I'm loving it.

Superman 14
Someone's killing or kidnapping Supermen of various Earths and the battle has come to our Superman's Earth. I love the multiverse and I'm so happy to be able to love Superman again.

Nightwing 12
Dick's time in Bludhaven is not going well as he takes on the cause of the Runoffs, convinced they are being framed for various crimes. More lighthearted than the Raptor storyline, though the art is helping with that.

Saga 41
War does terrible things to people, and not just the ones it kills. The last page....! The last page is everything. Simply the best comic, in my opinion, being published these days.

Green Arrow 14
Things get even worse for Ollie, until the real killer reveals himself when he and Ollie go head to head, or rather, arrow to arrow. This books continues to be enjoyable.

Jessica Jones 4
I was seriously considering dropping this, but this chapter redeems the book by providing backstory that makes method out of the madness. Jessica hasn't become unhinged; she acting that way to draw out an anti-super people conspiracy! And the only one who knows is her friend and co-investigator of the conspiracy, Captain Marvel! I wish they'd given us hints sooner, though. I almost didn't buy this.

Ms. Marvel 14
I miss Bruno as much as Kamala does, but life goes on, and a player in the RPG she's in knows more about the real her than he or she should. Fun, as always.

Flash 14
Barry looks into what happened to the Rogues. And runs into a trap. That'll teach him to care, though to be fair, he was worried they were up to something. Looks like he was right.

Titans 7
Some nice character bits, including the first hints about Donna as she tells Roy she doesn't know anything from before she was adopted at age 7. Looks like we might get another version of "Who is Donna Troy"/"Who is Wonder Girl" sometime in the future. Also, Superman and Wally talk about time gaps and the team gets a new HQ in NYC that involves a lot of forms to fill out. Enjoyable.

Wonder Woman 14
The first story arc of the past concludes with Diana defeating Ares, for now, and the issue showcases some of the prettiest WW art by Nicola Scott, including shirtless Steve.

Superwoman 6
Lana, as Superwoman, finds Lex, but things are about to get worse. Naturally. Beautiful art and a lot to read makes this a book you can't just skim. I am loving it.

Gotham Academy Second Semester 5
Colton faces expulsion over a stolen map and things escalate quickly. A quirky, fun book, and Bruce Wayne puts in an appearance, because, why not?

Captain America 9
Maria Hill has to defend her actions, and in the past, Steve is given an assignment. I really like this storyline, but it's going on too long, because the Civil War storyline and aftermath is going on too long in the Marvel 'verse and I'm really tired of it. I put in too much time on this series to drop it now, but I really want to get the conclusion already and see if the time spent reading this has been worth it.

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  1. Gosharootie, but there were some great books out! And yes, Saga is... amazing.