Saturday, January 21, 2017

Most of this Week's Comics

I still have Harley Quinn, Star-Lord, and Kill or be Killed to read. As is the case these days, I had a lot to read.

Black Widow 10
This might have my favorite cover ever! Nat and Bucky. Just adorable. In the story, Bucky takes Nat to the moon to meet with Nick Fury, but the Lion tries to double cross them, wanting all the knowledge in Fury's mind and there's a stowaway on their space ship, and Nat sacrifices herself so Bucky can stop the stowaway, but Bucky saves the day and Nat kisses him and calls him James again. They're not likely to be a couple again, but they'll always have the moon. I loved it.

Descender 18
The plot twist didn't quite surprise me, but it did make me sad. Things are not going well for our plucky heroes. I don't know what the endgame is here, or if there even is one, but this is pretty good science fiction.

(The Mighty) Captain Marvel 1
I'm just going to call this Captain Marvel from now on. The art is really nice. There's a TV show based on Captain Marvel that's paying for Alpha Flight now. And a bounty hunter grabs a Kree refugee child. An interesting start. I'm hoping Carol can regain her glory following the horrible Civil War II storyline.

Superman 15
The battle to save the multiverse Supermen begins in earnest. I'm enjoying it, but not sure I'll like where it's heading. What can I say? I worry. I don't want to lose this Superman or Lois.

Nightwing 13
The real culprit is uncovered and Dick walks into a trap. Guess visiting Bludhaven wasn't a good idea.

Green Arrow 15
A vigilante ex-cop and his cronies try to kill a bunch of baddies at the prison, so Ollie and Dinah leap into action, then get help from... Red Arrow! I love this comic and I love the art.

I also read Grayson, vol. 5: Spiral's End. Seeley wrote only the first story, so the writing was weaker in this last volume, but the Spiral storyline ended on a satisfying note. It's been a great journey for Dick, but I'm glad he's back as Nightwing. Still, I did enjoy seeing him fully out of Batman's shadow. Even as Nightwing, he has the shadow of Batman looming large. This proved how competent and skilled he truly is.


  1. Black Widow was indeed quite lovely. I would so read a team book with her and Bucky!

    1. Did you read the Winter Soldier series with Natasha as the co-star? That's when she forgot Bucky. It was a great series, but I'm happy they can be at least friends now.

  2. I have not... but I probably should.

    1. The entire Ed Brubaker run from Captain America: Winter Soldier through the Winter Soldier is amazing. I read all of it within a few months a while back.

  3. I do enjoy Brubaker's writing... I'll look these up!

    1. Cool. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.