Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Better Late Than Never Reviews

I've been a bit obsessed with the political mess these days here in the US, but have been reading comics to stay sane. So here are the belated reviews from last week's batch.

Flash 15
The Rogues are back and they've got a nefarious plot for Barry to unravel. Fun!

Wonder Woman 15
Etta, Steve, and Barbara Ann are on the run, while Diana is in a padded room in a mental hospital, while the bad guys try to find them so they can find Themyscira. I love this comic.

Saga 42
There are no words to describe the emotional impact of this issue, and the last few pages prove that. Best comic ever.

Kill or be Killed 5
Things take an inevitable turn as Dylan makes a mistake. Excellent noir.

Serenity 4 (of 6)
River, under the influence of her old mistress, betrays the crew. I'm enjoying this.

Frostbite 5
I'm really enjoying this post-ecological disaster tale. The scientist who tried to fix the climate caused a new ice age and brought about the deadly frostbite. There might be a cure, and everyone wants it. The story is good, but the art is wonderful, spare and frosty.

Captain America Steve Rogers 10
I want this over already. We see more of the past, getting closer to how Steve became Cap. But the present, with Congress voting to turn American security over to SHIELD, is too close to real life right now, minus the space aliens and Hydra (maybe), for comfort.


  1. he Rogues are back? I love those guys!

    Also Saga is the best book that actually makes me cry.

    1. Yup, the Rogues are back! I love them, too.