Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Last Week This Week

Argh! I've been busy lately, taking photos, editing photos, obsessively reading news on Facebook and getting alternately depressed and angry. And the weather really sucks today, so I'm not going out to get this week's comics. Instead, I present reviews on some of what came out last week.

The Mighty Captain Marvel 2
The art's nice. The story... well, I have no idea what to think of it. Not much seems to be happening, though there's a threat and Carol's powers are acting up and the Captain Marvel TV show cast and crew show up and... I miss Kelly Sue DeConnick writing about Carol's adventures.

Flash 17
A satisfying conclusion (?) to the Rogues saga. This has been a fun book.

Frostbite 6
I thought this was a mini, ending with this issue, but maybe not. It's been an interesting story, at any rate, set in a mostly frozen Earth.

Superman Action Comics 974
Lois goes on a date with the mysterious Clark Kent, which is why I'm reading this despite not reading it regularly, but he gets way too obsessive and stalkery for her and she leaves, which makes him angry and he remembers... something. I really want to know what's going on! The story continues in Superman, which I do read regularly.

Thunderbolts 10
Not nearly enough Bucky and the art seems to be getting worse.

Wonder Woman 17
Barbara Ann is coerced into helping find Themyscira and Diana's mind starts to heal. I so love this book.

Steve Rogers Captain America 12
If I'd known how long this was going to be dragged out and how much of the Marvel 'verse would be affected, I wouldn't have bothered with this. It started well, was intriguing and well written, with nice art, but it's been nearly a year now and I'm really tired of it. Yet I can't stop reading, because I want to know where it's going to end.


  1. Great Googally Moogally! Hydra Cap is STILL gagging on? It is almost as bad as Civil War taking forever! And then they usually just fizzle out at the end.

    1. I figured it would be 6 issues, maybe 7 or 8. At most, 12. I've decided to drop it. I figure I can read about it on a blog or Facebook or somewhere.