Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mixed Bag of Reviews

It was a big week for comics, but then again, just about every week is a big one these days. So, here are my quick takes on them.

Green Arrow 17
Ollie vs Malcolm Merlyn! That pretty much covers it. Oh, there's a nice scene with Ollie and Emi, too.

Nightwing 15
A whirlwind look at Dick and Shawn's growing relationship, with an ending that better not end up with Shawn being fridged. I like her, damn it!

Super Sons 1
This was fun! Damian and Jon have a great rapport. There isn't much story in this, but it sets the stage perfectly for the ongoing series.

Superman 17
A sorta horror story focusing on Jon and his friend Kathy. A fun interlude.

Detective 948, 949, Batwoman Rebirth 1
So, it looks like this newer version of Kate Kane is going to hunt down the folks who have the monster venom. The art is nice enough, but Batwoman hasn't been as awesome as the original book was pre-New 52. I'll try the new series for a while, but something special seems to be missing.

Star-Lord 3
Peter muddles through his new life as a bartender while doing his community service, while dealing with a less-than-pleasant visit from his sister, and an awkward meeting with Daredevil. An odd book and I have no idea where, if anywhere, it's going.

The Wildstorm 1
A new take on the Wildstorm characters. An interesting intro, if somewhat confusing. The art is nice and clean. No sign of Grifter, yet, but he was mentioned. Cole was always my favorite from that universe.

Steve Rogers Captain America 11
More on how Steve became Cap, which apparently what Steve is telling Zemo to convince Zemo that they were once as close as brothers and to talk Zemo into helping him. It seems to be working. I don't know where this is all going to end, but unless things end up with Steve realizing/learning Kobik reworked his memories, I won't be reading many Marvel titles when the dust settles.

Kill or be Killed 6
This noir story starts getting a bit twisty and turny, while still providing a fascinating look into the mind of someone heading down a dark, murderous path. Is he narrating from prison? While on the run? From hell? For that matter, is there really a demon that forced him to start killing or is the demon merely something his troubled mind conjured up? I do love this book.

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