Saturday, February 11, 2017

So Many Comics

I actually read all of this week's comics before the end of the week! And there were plenty of them!


Black Widow 11
Natasha is on the trail of the Dark Room girls, which takes her to a secret SHIELD base, where she finds more trouble than even she bargained for. I love the intrigue in this series by Waid and Samnee and the art by Samnee is perfect.

Jessica Jones 5
This is settling in nicely, with a bit of creepiness, as Mavel's version of multiple universes is explored, thanks to a man who killed his wife -- Jessica's client -- who claims he's from one of those dimensions that no longer exists. The gist of his explanation is that nothing matters, which raises this issue to philosophical debate territory. At least it has a different feel than most Marvel books I read and it's making more sense, story-wise, than the disjointed first issue felt.

Ms. Marvel 15
Hacking and bullying and dealing with Bruno being gone come into play as Kamala deals with a dangerous hacker who knows her secret. The usual great story and art.


Flash 16
Barry learns what the Rogues are really up to and it isn't good. For him. The Rogues make the Flash comic better; there's just something special about his relationship with them and them with him and each other.

Gotham Academy Second Semester 6
The plot thickens! Actually, this fun gothic-style comic often feels like an old Nancy Drew book, back when I was a kid and Nancy and her friends explored creepy old mansions. There are a lot of layers to this and I suspect a few layers we haven't seen yet. I don't trust the new student, for instance. She's a mischief-maker and is having too much influence over Olive. This remains a fun comic for all ages.

(Superman) Action Comics 973
I'm not regularly reading this, but I am thrilled they brought back the old numbering! I read this for the "who is the mysterious Clark Kent" who's been running around Metropolis story arc. The issue mostly focused on Lois undercover in a mob restaurant, then following Clark around. To her chagrin and confusion, when she follows him into his apartment building, the doorman claims to not have seen Clark in weeks, and, even more mysterious, he didn't show up on the security tape. I have no idea where this is going, but I want to keep reading.

Superwoman 7
Lana and the team defeat Lena, but Lana's life is still in danger. I've really been enjoying this version of Lana. She's a capable scientist and hero, but she suffers from anxiety and comes across as very human.

Titans 8
I like that we're getting more glimpses into the lives of the main characters, especially ones without their own books (which means, other than Dick Grayson). I also like that Mal and Karen form the basis of the story when they seek help for Karen who has developed superpowers. There are still things I want this title to cover, but for now, I'm happy to have my Titans team back.

Wonder Woman 16
The "Godwatch" story begins, in the past, and while the art by Evely is nice, I miss seeing Nicola Scott's art. The story focuses on two women, Veronica and Adrianna, and their Cyberwalker project, which brings them to the attention of Phobos and Deimos who are looking for Themyscira. By threatening Veronica's daughter, they hope she'll use the Cyberwalker device to get the location from Wonder Woman's mind. This can't end well. Rucka's been hitting on all cylinders with this series.


The Spirit 1
Francesco Francavilla is handling writing and art chores (he's even lettering!) this take on The Spirit. The art is great, and the book has a nice, old, lived-in feel that's perfect. The story is starting a bit slow, but a few elements are now in place, namely strange deaths that might or might not be murder and Eb's recently released from prison uncle who's strong-armed by a former associate into helping with another heist. Hopefully, what was missing this issue will be in the next issue: The Spirit in action!

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