Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lotsa Reviews

Due to the snowstorm, I got this week's comics late. Also, I didn't post reviews yet for last week's batch. And I haven't finished reading this week's batch. So here are some reviews of what I have read the past two weeks.

Astro City 41 and 42
41: The history of Astro City, to celebrate the 100th issue.
42: A villain presumed dead while stuck on a deserted island discovers what really matters to him. A nice human interest story.

Gotham Academy Second Semester 7
We finally get to the bottom of Olive's family history and it's not good.

Jessica Jones 6
Jessica gets the goods on the baddies, making Carol happy, but it might be too late for her to patch things up with Luke. And I'm starting to get really tired of Carol. Even now that Civil War II is over, she's still annoying me, here and in her own book. I hate what Marvel has done to her.

Flash 18
The return of Captain Boomerang! Need I say anything more?

Superwoman 8
A real head trip for Lana. Brought a tear to my eye. Can't wait for next issue which should conclude the story. I hope.

Titans 9
The Fearsome Five are all still fearful and this book is making me happy. I'd be happier if they'd deal with Donna and give her back her true history, plus her relationship with Dick, but for now, I'm thrilled to have the Titans back.

Superman Action Comics 975 and Superman 19
The middle chapters of Superman Reborn. I'm really enjoying this, so they'd better not screw it up.

Wonder Woman 18
More backstory for the current threat. This continues to excel.

Nightwing 17
The threat facing Dick is one he and Damian faced back when they were Batman and Robin, a bit of continuity that makes me happy. Now if they don't fridge Shawn, I'll be happier.

Green Arrow 19
DC has been hitting homers lately. This amalgamation of Roy's New 52 past and his original backstory is actually just enriching his original origin tale. Black Canary enters the fray to help protect the Native lands from the pipeline, making for just the right amount of action and character development.

Super Sons 2
Things don't go well when Damian and Jon break into LexCorp to download some intl, but Damian makes it all work. Somehow. He and Jon together are rather funny and make for an enjoyable read.

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  1. Same here, my entire state was shut down last Tuesday... so no new comics. Of course, I am still getting caught up on my old comics!