Wednesday, April 05, 2017


The comics are piling up again and more coming tomorrow. I did read a bunch, so here are some quickie reviews.

Action 976: Superman Reborn
Damn, this was good, a reaffirmation of what makes Superman great. And in the Rebirth DCU, that means family. So many happy emotions.

Black Widow 12
The current run comes to a satisfying conclusion, with Natasha showing why she's more than just an assassin now. Kudos to Samnee and Waid.

Descender 20
The crap is hitting the fan. This is a slowly paced tale, but it remains interesting.

Flash 19
Revelations and Captain Boomerang. Can't really do better.

Kill or be Killed 7
A switch in pov for this issue was very effective. I love this story.

Ms. Marvel 16
Kamala doesn't take the easy way out, which is why she's the hero she is. Just a wonderful comic.

The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers chapter 2
More noirish than the last version of The Spirit. Francesco Francavilla is doing a good job on this.

Star-Lord 4
Peter is in a mess of trouble in this rather entertaining book.

Titans Annual 1
The Titans vs the JLA. Things start out tense, Donna learns something emotionally devastating, and Batman acts like a jerk. At least Wally and Barry were fine. I really hope more is done about Donna's background in this reality, but at least the Titans are recognizably the Titans again, so I'm mostly happy.

Wonder Woman 19
Diana is back to herself and things get complicated. I am so loving this book. Action, intrigue, a mystery, and on-point characterization. What's not to love?


  1. They do have a tendency to pile up, don't they? Black Widow and Ms Marvel continue to delight me. I have to be honest, I find that I have been cutting way back on my books lately through general ennui.

    1. I did drop a few, and now Black Widow is over, but new titles keep enticing me.

  2. Wait... it's OVER?


    1. I believe so. Unless it comes back with another creative team. :(