Sunday, April 30, 2017

So Many Comics Yet So Little Time

Here's another 2-week review and a caveat that I didn't read everything yet. But I did read a bunch, mostly quite entertaining.

Superwoman 9
The first issue with a new creative team provides the aftermath of the first arc, with Lana now powerless and seeking her role in life. I've been enjoying Lana's psychological journey and don't think I've ever enjoyed her more than now. The art was fine, too.

Super Sons 3
Damian and Jon run into a girl with powers but all is not what it seems. Worth reading just for the sniping between the two pint-size heroes.

Nightwing 19
Shawn proves herself more than capable as she and Dick go hunting for the missing Damian (who's having a busy month!). Nightwing continues to shine during Rebirth.

Superman 21
The mystery of the weird dairy farmer neighbor and his granddaughter is finally being explored. I've suspected from the start that there's something odd about them. Batman went off somewhere, but Damian sticks around to help investigate. (I said he's having a busy month.)

Green Arrow 23
Attacks on multiple fronts aim to bring down Seattle in this first chapter of a new story arc. Ollie's going to have his hands full. The art was really nice this issue, moreso than usual.

Ms. Marvel 17
The hacker virus story concludes in a satisfying manner, as this book continues to be one of the bright spots in the Marvel 'verse.

Supergirl Being Super 3
Kara finds a fellow super being, a young man being held captive and his powers being drained for a fuel source. She helps him escape and he tells her about Krypton. This coming-of-age story continues to impress.

Wonder Woman 21
The elements and characters driving the story in the present day converge, with Diana discovering at issue's end, the source behind all the trouble. Or is he? One of my favorite Rebirth titles. I'm really going to miss Rucka's work on this book when he turns it over to the next creative team.

Star-Lord 6
The Grounded storyline concludes with Peter earning his reprieve so he can leave Earth and head back to space where he belongs. Not great, but rather enjoyable.

Batman 21 & Flash 21
The Button storyline begins! The mystery of the button will finally be solved! Not much story to the Batman issue, only Bruce getting the crap beat out of him by Reverse Flash. But in the Flash issue, Flash and Bats use the cosmic treadmill to take them to.... somewhere. An intriguing start.

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