Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Last Week This Week

Some of these might be older than a week. I'm sure Batwoman 2 is older. The Rebirth version of Kate Kane is interesting. Bennett and Tynion are weaving a flashback story in with the present day tale of the hunt for the people dealing the monster venom. Throw in Epting's art and this is pretty decent.

Champions 8
Not much action as the gang tries to deal with the aftermath of their brand and rep being tarnished by Freelancers. A decent conclusion to that problem is reached.

Jessica Jones 8
Maria Hill is in a bind and goes to Jessica for help. She must be desperate. heh heh

Hawkeye 6
Jessica Jones, completing her guest star turn in this book, is more entertaining here than in her own book, mainly because we see her through Kate's perpetually upbeat perspective. I'm loving this book.

Batman 22
The Button continues, but what makes this chapter special is Bruce getting to talk to his father. Some real touchy-feely stuff here.

Superman 22
Supes has gone off to look for the missing Batman, Jon and Damian are also AWOL, and Lois is left to deal with her happy little town not being quite what she and her family have believed. A fun and creepy take on the ominous small town trope.

Green Arrow 22
Things go from bad to worse as Ollie's enemies plot to destroy Seattle. Green Arrow hasn't been this good in years.

Nightwing 20
The story arc concludes on a creepy, yet emotional note. I'm still loving this book.


  1. I liked Champions, but it seemed a bit depressing...I would actually prefer they manage to keep a little of their youthful idealism.

    1. Good point. I'm just happy to have some decent Marvel comics to read that aren't being affected by Secret Empire, so far, at any rate.

  2. Oh, isn't that the truth!