Friday, May 19, 2017

Two Weeks of Comics

Lots of reviews to catch up with from the past two weeks, maybe longer.

Wildstorm 3
I just picked up the next issue, but haven't gotten to it yet. The storyline is really intriguing, with the characters feeling familiar yet fresh with this new take on the old Wildstorm universe.

Astro City 43
I've got the next one after this, too, and haven't read it yet. This was a sweet tale of a girl who doesn't age and her father, the hero known as The Gentleman. 

Gotham Academy Second Semester 9
This last story, with Olive fully possessed by her mad ancestor, is a real romp. I hope the book returns in another form because I really love these characters.

Superwoman 10
A bit of a setup type of issue with the new creative team setting up Lana to continue as Superwoman. The book still looks good and I love this version of Lana.

Wonder Woman 22
This chapter in the flashback storyline felt like filler even though written by Rucka, and I didn't think the art by Andolfo suited, giving the book a more cartoonish feel than I prefer for Diana.

Titans 11
The Lazarus Contract crossover (with Deathstroke and Teen Titans) begins, so I'll have to read those others, which I don't read and I hate crossovers with books I don't read, but I'll do it because of the Titans. Slade Wilson has trapped Wally and has some crazy idea he can use Wally to help him resurrect his dead son. Yeah, I'm sure that will work just fine. Not.

Teen Titans 8
Lazarus Contract 2 finds the other Wally also nabbed by Slade, bringing the Titans and Teen Titans together to find their missing speedsters, with some requisite bickering first.

Ms. Marvel 18
In a change of pace, this issue focuses on Bruno, studying in Wakanda and feeling out-of-place. It's perfect.

Nightwing 21
Wally visits and he and Dick have an adventure. The story doesn't seem to fit with the previous story. New team? Fill-in issue? I don't know, but this felt so ordinary, something the book hasn't been.

Super Sons 4
Luther shows up to bail the boys out of trouble, after Damian had sent him a message. There's something just so fun about this book. Damian and Jon are just precious together with their bickering.

Superman 23
Things go from bad to worse and the town seems to be populated by disguised aliens who are at war with other aliens. And they see Jon as their savior. Or something.

Green Arrow 23
After I stared at the cover for a while, with a really nice rendition of Roy, I read the story. Dinah is researching the Queen family, the evil CEO of Queen Industries has an offer for Henry, Ollie thinks Henry might be dead or at best a captive, and Emi and Roy team up to stop Cheshire from poisoning Seattle's water supply. And to my delight, Roy acknowledges that he and Cheshire once dated. So that's real in Rebirth.

The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers 3
The story might involve zombies. But what makes this wonderful is Franavilla's art and layouts (he also wrote and lettered the issue). Just a delight to look at.

Batwoman 3
Kate's past really is making her present a mess. I'm still not sure what I think of this version of the character.

Flash 22
The Button concludes, for now, I guess, with a promo for something to come in November. Jay Garrick makes a brief appearance in the speed force. I really have no idea where this is going since I'm not well-versed in the Watchmen series, but I'm enjoying this storyline behind Rebirth.


  1. Ms. marvel was indeed delightful. Poor Bruno...I miss him, so it was very nice to see him.