Sunday, May 21, 2017

More Reviews

I'm nearly caught up, which means I can soon get back to the stack of graphic novels and collected editions.

Bitch Planet 10
I'm glad there's a synopsis in the front of this because, given the time between issues, I sometimes forget where the story left off. This picks up with a riot at the prison for non-compliant females. More and more, reading this satire feels like reading the news.

Descender 21
The end of the current storyline has the robots with the upper hand, so to speak. I'm not sure where this is headed, but it's still intriguing. I suppose, as with a prose novel, this would work better if read all at once.

Kill or be Killed 8
Dylan is closer to the edge now that the police are on the lookout for the vigilante killer. This is a fascinating look into the mind of a killer and I still can't decide if the demon behind it is real or a figment of his own mind.

Astro City 44
This focuses on a super kitty with enough powers to give Streaky, Supergirl's pet, some serious competition. Cute story.

Wildstorm 4
I'm as confused and entertained as with previous issues. There's a familiar feel with the Wildstorm characters, yet they also feel fresh.

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