Thursday, May 25, 2017

Just Two

I can't believe I had only 2 comics to buy this week. Only one was on my pull list: Wonder Woman. The other, Deathstroke, I needed because of the crossover with Titans and Teen Titans.

I'll start with Deathstroke 19
We get the backstory behind Slade's scheme involving both Wally West speedsters, and to be honest, this was better than the Titans and Teen Titans entries so far in "The Lazarus Contract" thus far. The art was rather ordinary, though.

Wonder Woman 23
Wow. I read this on the subway ride home from my LCS, and was hardpressed to not cry aloud. Tears did fill my eyes, but I willed them not to fall. The dovetailing stories in the past and present merged in a brilliant, beautiful resolution. This is Wonder Woman at her finest. Liam Sharp's art is gorgeous as usual, especially for the climactic sequence when Diana confronts Deimos and Phobos not in an epic battle of swordplay but in an honest display of emotion, disarming them with love. It's amazing and it sets Wonder Woman apart from pretty much every other superhero book. I don't know what direction the book will take once Rucka officially signs off, but this run will remain as a testament of how good Wonder Woman can be.

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