Thursday, June 22, 2017

Half Dozen

Oooooo.... timely reviews! I still have a couple of others to read, but they might get their reviews bumped to next week's batch.

The Wildstorm 5
I'm loving this version of the Wildstorm 'verse. Zealot makes an appearance, background on a a couple of characters is revealed, and the intrigue grows. Good stuff for today's political climate. Can anyone really be trusted?

Batwoman 4
The first arc concludes, mostly, and while I enjoyed it, mostly, I'm a bit confused by it all. Not bad, but not great.

Super Sons 6
The boys learn they need to get along. A bit of an interlude story before things ratchet up again.

Superman 25
Jon finds his inner strength to defeat Black and the Kents say goodbye to Hamilton County with a bang.

Green Arrow 25
Ollie's been arrested for a murder he didn't commit, Kate Spencer is his lawyer(!) and gets him out on bail, Dinah is on her own and working her own angles on the case, and Emi wants to be called Red Arrow. Damn, I love this book.

Nightwing 23
Dick deals with personal issues in his relationship with Shawn while working with Roland Desmond, Blockbuster's brother. Things don't go well, on either front. Things are about to get really interesting.

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