Saturday, June 17, 2017

Two Weeks

It's been a busy couple of weeks for comics. So, here are some quick takes on what I read.

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor Special 1
Steve takes a raincheck on a date with Diana to go on a secret mission. I really like this modern-day version of Steve. He's like a current version of the movie version.

Jessica Jones 9
Jessica runs afoul of Sharon Carter, gets tossed into jail, is sprung by Matt Murdoch, then patches things up (for good, I hope) with Luke. Not much story-wise, but it's nice seeing Jessica and Luke not fighting.

The Champions 9
Viv goes off on her own and meets Red Locust, a new hero with potential. I like her. She's exuberant and eager and fun.

Hawkeye 7
Kate goes after Madame Masque, then gets a big surprise. Next issue should be so good. Also, we got background on Kate's childhood.

Superman 24
Background on the aliens living in the town Supes and family had made their home, along with the plan the aliens have for Jon. This issue was mostly about furthering the plot.

Nightwing 22
Blockbuster shows up and needs Dick's help. This should be fun.

Green Arrow 24
Ollie tries to reclaim Queen Industries. I'm really enjoying this book.

Superwoman 11
Mostly the backstory about Steel's brother/Natasha's father and Natasha's long missing younger brother. The new creative team is doing a decent job so far, especially in building up the character relationships.

Wonder Woman 24
The bittersweet ending to Rucka's long story told over two time periods. I'm really going to miss him on this title.

Titans 12
Lilith tries to learn where Karen's memory engram is and the rest of the team deals with personal issues. Oh, and one of them is a traitor. Hasn't that been done before? The traitor bit? Why yes, it has. I'll reserve judgment until I see where things go.

Flash 24
Reverse Flash has kidnapped Iris. Never a good thing in any version of Flash.

Gotham Academy Second Semester 10
Things get complicated as Olive/Calamity works with Two-Face to go after Penguin. Meanwhile, the other students are looking for Olive. I love this book.

Ms. Marvel 19
A ripped-from-the-headlines type story as Kamala's neighbors go after people who are different, including the ones with super powers, and Lockdown is behind it.

Copperhead 14
The sheriff investigates the murder of the mayor. This book is an appealing science fiction/western with feminist leanings.


  1. I don't like seeing Jessica and Luke fighting either!

    Champions was fun as always, and Ms Marvel was excellent, but now I'm nervous.

    1. Right now, I'm nervous about all the Marvel titles I read.