Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Two Weeks

I think reviewing every two weeks is becoming the norm around here. Not my intention, but my procrastination is getting worse, it seems. Anyhow, here's what I read the past two weeks.

Superwoman 13
A flashback story to Lana, Clark, and Lex's youth in Smallville. The new creative team has kept up the quality on this book.

Flash 28
Thing are a real mess for Barry right now, and they're looking to get worse. This Rebirth title has been a wild ride so far, and I'm enjoying it.

Gotham Academy Second Semester 12: The Final Issue
A satisfying conclusion to the overall story and a nice resolution of Olive's predicament. I'm going to miss this. I hope they do a third semester book at some point in the future.

Ms. Marvel 21
Some scary parallels to the current political climate in the US and elsewhere. This manages to be topical while still being entertaining.

Titans 14
This book isn't the great title I'd been hoping for, but it's just good enough for me to keep reading it. I just wish, though, that writers of this team would stop having them bickering and remember that they're at their best when they're a family. Okay, a family that bickers sometimes, but still....

Superman 29
A Green Lantern story without a Green Lantern. Not bad, but not as good as this book has been. I'll keep an open mind, though, til the story concludes.

Nightwing 27
I love how Spyral has been worked into the current reality. And what's going on with Tiger and why is he trying to kill Dick, and Helena? I love the intrigue.

Green Arrow 29
This book remains one of my favorite Rebirth titles. The art is stunning and the writing is tight and full of intrigue as Ollie crosses paths with Batman, which is just what you think it would be like.

Wonder Woman 28
The post-Rucka Rebirth era has been a big disappointment for me. An assassin is still after Etta and I don't care. And the art is meh after Sharp and Scott's work on the book with Rucka. What's really bad is that nothing is really happening, certainly no character development.

Super Sons 7
Jon gets to go on a mission with the Teen Titans, which is as cool as it sounds.

Astro City 46
Background story for the mysterious narrator. I love this book so much.


  1. Ms, Marvel continues to be fabulous. It is nice to see a super hero looking out for actual people, instead of fighting baddies from another dimension or something.