Saturday, November 04, 2017

Is There a Point?

I have a stack of comics here to review, but can't help wondering if there's a point to these reviews. I don't write in depth about the comics I read. I occasionally/rarely write essays/opinion pieces about comics. I didn't even post about NY Comic Con this year, what with not spending time in Artists Alley due to it being moved to a cramped, dark space on the lower level of the Javits Center. I took so few photos, mostly just of some cosplayers.

I wonder if anyone is actually reading this blog, anymore, other than one person who comments. So, what's the point of continuing?

Here are the reviews for what I've read. I still have a bunch I didn't get to yet.

Superman Action Comics 989-990
I love the restored numbering. The Oz Effect storyline is scary, hitting close to home with the current state of the world. If Superman really existed, we wouldn't deserve him.

Flash 32-22
The first issue finished (?) the Iron Heights story; the second issue was a Metal tie-in, so I merely skimmed it.

Superman 33
Lex and Apokolips. Neither is a favorite of mine. Decent enough.

Superwoman 15
The current creative team would be fine if not for the awesomeness that preceded it. Now this is just an average comic. I'm not sure at this point if anything of note happened in this issue. A week or two after I read it, I've forgotten most of it.

Super Sons 9
A nice conclusion to a weird story about what it means to be a hero.

Green Arrow 33-34
The first issue includes some lovely Ollie/Dinah scenes and the second includes a heart-to-heart between Ollie and his mother (!). This book is one of my favorite Rebirth titles.

Nightwing 31-32
Nightwing vs Raptor, take 2. Another of my favorite Rebirth titles.

Titans 16
Are we finally getting close to an end of this saga? I'm enjoying it, still, but the payoff better be worth it.

Batwoman 8
This reworking of Batwoman and tweaking of her history continues to entertain, but I still prefer the original.

Saga 48
All the feels, plus a reunion or two.

Ghost Station Zero 3
I really like Baboushka, but I wish the art was realistic, not cartoonish. Fun spy/action story, though.

Astro City 48
The conclusion of the G-Dog story had me in tears.

Ms. Marvel 23
Kamala gets an unwanted partner, but he comes in handy when she has to stop a runaway train. Great as always.


  1. Anonymous8:56 PM EDT

    I read. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous1:42 AM EST

    I read

  3. Thanks for commenting, my anonymous followers! It's nice to know there are people out there reading my words. More reviews soonish!

  4. Anonymous3:11 PM EST

    Hi Shelly... it's Sally. I finally figured out how to post as anonymous! I feel so special!

    I understand feeling a bit jaded... blogs just aren't the same as they were back in the good old days. But I do still enjoy reading your views.

    1. Ah, there you are, my faithful reader! I really thought blogging would be popular forever. I never considered social media sites would pop up to usurp blogs. Still, it's nice to know this humble blog is still appreciated. :)

  5. Anonymous3:15 PM EST

    It is! I do rather miss the days of epic 300post flame wars and all, but we do manage to keep plugging along.