Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Most Reviews Ever

First, apparently there are people reading this blog! Thanks to those of you who commented on the previous post, even if anonymously. It is greatly appreciated.

Second, I got addicted to a game called Home Street and have been playing it obsessively on my tablet. It's the main reason why these reviews are so late and my comics reading has lagged.

Third, the reviews. They will be brief and in no particular order.

Copperhead 15
I don't like the art quite as much as in the first arc, though the style is being maintained. The story is keeping me reading. Can't beat a space western mystery.

Descender 25-26
The robots are getting the upper hand and everyone wants Tim-21, either intact or destroyed. I do love this.

Wildstorm 8-9
This reimagining of the WildStorm universe continues to impress, even if I have to go by hairstyle (and facial hair or lack of same for the males) to tell characters apart.

Captain America 695
Apparently, the other Cap wasn't really Cap and this one is. I never did read the end of all that evil Cap stuff, which started off great and got annoying after about 6 or 7 issues. With Waid and Samnee on this, I figured I'd give it a try. Pretty good, basic heroic Cap. I'll probably keep reading.

Black Lightning 1
So nice to have Jefferson back, along with Tony Isabella at the helm, even if only for a mini-series.

Jessica Jones 14
After the irritating first story, this has gotten better. And the return of the Purple Man makes for a creepy read.

Batwoman 9
Nothing like an issue that's mostly fear venom-induced hallucinations to get to the heart of a character. I'm enjoying this version of Batwoman.

Hawkeye 12
Still proof that Kate is the better Hawkeye, at least to read about. Her personality bounds off the page.

Super Sons 10
The duo gets gifted with a secret sanctuary, from their dads. Fun.

Superman 34-35
Darkseid and the New Gods were never favorites of mine, but this has been decent.

Nightwing 33
I'm enjoying how the character of Dick Grayson has been deconstructed and explored in Rebirth.

Superwoman 16
This has been rather meh lately.

Ms. Marvel 24
This continues to be my favorite Marvel title. So much fun.

Action 991
As the thousandth issue looms(!), "The Oz Effect" comes to a conclusion, or does it? This has been an interesting storyline that adds to Superman's mythos.

Flash 34
Sometimes, Barry is an idiot. He always sees the best in people even when the evidence says otherwise, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Titans 17
Two Donnas! One from now and one from the future. This could either end in an exciting finish or crash and burn. I'm really hoping my favorite team gets the former conclusion to this storyline.

Lady Mechanika: The Clockwork Assassin 3
Nice conclusion to the story. And the art continues to mesmerize me. Wonderful steampunk.

Kill or be Killed 13
Brubaker is at his best in this psychological thriller about a serial killer.


  1. Anonymous4:00 PM EST

    Thank goodness for Ms Marvel. And for the sweet creamy goodness of Waid and Samnee's version of Cap. Apparently Nazi Cap was some sort of... construct or something? I was doing my best to NOT read it.

    1. I saw something about Nazi Cap not being, well, Cap, but it made even less sense than Cap being evil. Definitely confusing. I'm just happy to have Cap back.