Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Another Round of Old Before New Reviews

First, I'm not getting my new comics today. Because it's cold and windy, and while I don't mind cold, I do mind high winds. I plan to venture out tomorrow.

Second, as usual, I've been negligent in posting. I read a lot of comics, but kept forgetting/putting off typing the albeit brief reviews. So, mea culpa and all that.

Third, I'm just as bad with watching streamed shows. See, because they're on streaming services, I can watch/binge at any time. Live TV comes first, then the shows I DVR, and finally, Netflix. I just started with Marvel's Defenders from the summer and after 5 episodes, I'm loving it. It's fun seeing the characters meet and get to know each other.

And now, the reviews!

Captain America 696
The Steve Rogers we know and love is back. A nice throwback type of story, very enjoyable, as Steve tries to connect with average Americans.

Black Lightning 2
It's hard to be a superhero when people think you're a killer. This is good, especially if you like a bit of social commentary with your comics, as I do.

Hawkeye 13
Kate and Clint team up! And it's as crazy as you'd expect. A fun comic. And I love the cover.

Nightwing 34
A satisfying conclusion to the current story. Raptor has been a good addition to Dick's story and backstory.

Flash 35
A bunch of story threads come together in this latest story arc, especially regarding Meena and the Speed Force.

Superman in Action Comics 992
The aftermath of "The Oz Effect" has Kal reeling, wondering about who he really is. This feels like buildup to a major story in issue 1000.

Superman 36
The end of the New Gods story (thank goodness) which ends with Supes and Luther arguing and Luther starting to scheme after Supes leaves.

Green Arrow 35
Sometimes, Ollie is an idiot, which is why it's good he has Kimi and Dinah to look out for him. This time, he trusted his surprisingly not-dead mother double crosses him. I love this comic.

Green Arrow Annual 1
A decent holiday story, but the art isn't as good as in the numbered issues.

Black Magick 9
Sometimes, I just stare at Nicola Scott's amazing art in this book and forget to read Greg Rucka's equally fine words. I'm not a big fan of magic kind of fantasy, but this is a grounded magic fantasy story and I'm really enjoying it.

Kill or be Killed 14
Brubaker keeps hitting homers with this book. Dylan's narrative voice is perfect and somewhat mesmerizing. In this chapter, he learns a bit more of his family history which may or may not shed light on the demon that's been haunting him. This is a topnotch psychological thriller.

Rocket Girl 9-10
I have to admit, I was losing interest in this. With so much time between many of the issues, I'd lost the thread of the story and really couldn't figure out how serious I should take this. If not for having backed this on Kickstarter and being in love with Amy Reeder's art, I might've stopped reading. I'm glad I stuck with it. The ending was a surprise, even if I'd figured some things out. Now I need to read the whole thing in one sitting.

Michael Cray 1-2
Cray is an interesting character from the WildCats book and this story exploring his background makes him more interesting. Good stuff.

Astro City 49
There are not enough superlatives for Astro City. This done-in-one story about a daughter trying to discover what happened to her father has emotional heft, as this series usually does.

Copperhead 16
This focuses on the secondary characters while revealing things about the missing sheriff. I'm enjoying this book, but I wish the art was better.

Ghost Station Zero 4
The conclusion of the latest Codename Baboushka story. Despite the cartoonish art, this is a high-adventure, high-action book about a kickass female operative. I'd love to see it filmed, especially now that I've finally watched the movie "Atomic Blonde," which was based on Baboushka's writer, Antony Johnston's graphic novel "The Coldest City."

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