Monday, January 22, 2018

Really Late Reviews

So, my PC is dead, and I'm typing this on my tablet, which means an onscreen keyboard I can't touch type on, so it's slow going. The reviews will be brief.

Captain America 697
We get into the meat of the story, with Steve hunted by Kraven. Intriguing.

Black Lightning 3
I love the new TV show so far and I'm enjoying this book. The social commentary is appreciated.

Jessica Jones 15
More creepiness with the Purple Man.

The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers 5
Decent conclusion to the story, though too long between chapters diluted it.

Kill or be Killed 15
A neat plot twist keeps this suspense story rolling.

Flash 36-38
Decent issues featuring Iron Heights prison and some Rogues.

Hawkeye 14
Clint meets Madame Masque-in-cloned-Kate-body. Fun issue.

Green Arrow 36
Dinah rescues Ollie, then things get complicated. I love this book.

Ms. Marvel 25-26
Kamala is AWOL, so her friends pick up the slack. Wonderful, as usual.

Nightwing 35-37
The Judge, a vicious killer Dickinson couldn't capture years ago, is back. I love how this iteration of NW's book works his history into the stories.

Superwoman 17-18
This once amazing book limps to the finish line. It's a shame.

Titans 18-19
Decent enough for me to keep reading, not bad enough for me to drop.

Action Comics 993
I have more of this to read. Super is in the past on Krypton to learn more about his father, and Booster Gold shows up. That alone makes this worth reading.

Tales of Suspense 100: Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier
Clint and Bucky don't think Black Widow is really dead, so they go looking for her. Nice start.

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