Saturday, February 03, 2018

Really Late Reviews Again

I haven't gotten my comics for the last two weeks. I was sick last week and this week, my LCS didn't get their shipment until yesterday, so I figured I'd just get them all with next week's batch, given how behind I am in my reading, anyway.

So, here's what I did read in the last couple of weeks.

WildStorm: Michael Cray 3-4
This is a wild ride, especially the warped versions of standard DC characters, like Barry Allen. I'm enjoying it. Cray is badass.

WildStorm 10
This reworking of the WildStorm 'verse continues to intrigue me. I think I've said that before.

Copperhead 17-18
The sheriff's backstory wasn't what I expected, and I do like being surprised, when the story is good. And this one is.

Batwoman 10 - 11
The venom story arc concludes in issue 10 and Kate takes on Prof. Pyg in issue 11. I'm enjoying this, but the original version of Kate Kane was better.

Super Sons Annual 1
Really, this is a Super-Pets tale as Krypto and Titus take on the case of missing dogs, with an assist from Detective Chimp. It's as cute as it sounds.

Batman 37
I picked this up thanks to the cover and apparently, it's the sequel to something and might be the middle of something, but it stands on its own as Lois, Clark, Bruce, and Selina go on a double date and yeah, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Superman 39
Supes takes a group of sick kids to the moon for an adventure they'll never forget. It's as heartwarming as it sounds. This is the Superman I love.

Action 994-995
Supes and Booster Gold deal with fractured time, including ending up in Booster's time and dealing with Booster's dad. I can't wait to see where this ends up.

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