Friday, March 09, 2018

Incredibly Late Reviews

It wasn't until I got the stack of read yet unreviewed comics that I realized how much I've been neglecting this blog. So, here's a whirlwind tour of what I've read over the last few weeks.

Hawkeye 15-16
Kate Bishop is a delightful character and the story concluded in an open-ended way, suggesting future stories, but for now, that's all she wrote. Hawkeye Kate should be returning in the summer.

Flash Annual 1
This is a Prelude to something called Flash War. The thing I loved about this was that it starred Wally West, the original Wally, and his attempt to carve out a new life for himself in a world where only a few people remember him.

Flash 39-41 (I did say these were very belated reviews)
Grodd is back. To be honest, I don't remember the first two issues all that well, but I just read the third and Barry has to ask Godspeed for help when things go from bad to worse. I like this comic, but it doesn't really have staying power.

Green Arrow 37-38
The first, long, story arc of this Rebirth title finally concludes in a nice, upbeat way. This might've been one of the longest continuing stories I can recall reading in a standard superhero comic, but it never felt that way. There were always other things going on, always forward movement even as things got bleaker and bleaker. This reworked Green Arrow is one of the finest versions. One of my favorite Rebirth titles.

Jessica Jones 16-17
Jessica finally vanquishes her demon: Kilgrave, the Purple Man. I like this book more for the art and layouts than for the words. Sometimes, I think the stories Bendis writes are padded and other times, they feel obtuse, as if he's leaving things out, making jumps mid-scene. It makes me very worried about him taking over Superman soon.

Batwoman 12
Mostly a flashback story and we should get back to the main story/present next issue. I don't like this version of Kate as much as the original one, but the story is interesting.

Super Sons 13
Damian's mom shows up and that can never be good. Other than for us readers.

Titans 20
The Titans were disbanded by the Justice League, which annoys me because the Titans are adults and should be able to function as a team if they want. The current story arc is really annoying and Abnett's dialogue leaves plenty to be desired, but this is where I have to come to get my Roy Harper fix, so I'm sticking with it. In this, Roy acts like the jerk he typically can be and ends up in a heap of trouble.

Kill or be Killed 16
More twists and turns in this amazing noir mystery.

Black Lightning 4
I hope this mini-series leads to an ongoing because I really love it.

Black Magick 10
Things are getting really creepy and dangerous and I keep thinking how good this book would be as a TV show.

Action 996-998
The concluding chapters to the time traveling saga. It was nice having Booster and Skeets around for a while.

Superman 40-42
The first two issues were an interesting story about a dying planet with a majority of inhabitants who didn't want Kal and Jon to save them. The third is the start of a Bizarro story and I'm not really fond of Bizarro, so we'll see how it goes.

Nightwing 38-40
The Judge is one scary villain from Dick's past and this story has been intense.

Saga 49
I've run out of superlatives for this book. 'nuff said.

Tales of Suspense 101-102
Clint and Bucky continue to search for the assassin who may or may not be Natasha. Their banter elevates the book from a standard mystery/spy story.

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