Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Late as Usual

I have a growing stack of unread comics. I blame the political climate and too many online games for my lack of reviews here.

Anyway, here's some comics I did read.

Infinity Countdown Black Widow
I got this in the hope Bucky would show up, but he didn't, so I was disappointed. Not a bad story, even if I don't care about whatever Infinity Countdown is.

Titans Special New Justice
I got this to see which characters were going to be the Titans moving on. I wasn't impressed. And I'm really tired of the JLAers treating the Titans like kids when they're experienced adults, and I'm really tired of the Titans being a family of sorts being treated as a weakness. That was always their strength. Another comic off my list.

Flash 46-48
Focusing on Wally, his memories all returning, his past life, and the ramifications for the future. I'm enjoying this storyline.

KIll for be Killed 19
The penultimate issue of this comic is explosive. I have no idea how the story will end next issue, but this is definitely some of Brubaker's best writing.

Nightwing 44-45
New, weird story, not sure where it's going. Something involving hacking people's brains, or some such.I'm reserving judgment until it's finished.

Ms. Marvel 30
Just wonderful. And Bruno is back! Yay!

Super Sons 16
I'm going to miss this delightful team-up book. Yeah, there will be a mini-series, but with the changes to the Superman titles, that's all we'll get and it's not enough.

Saga 52
Still the best comic being published. All the emotions in one issue, as usual.

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