Tuesday, May 08, 2018

OMG So Late

So, I've had a stack of read comics to review, but I got lazy, then I got sick, and, well, here they are. Really late. And I've got another stack still needing to be read.

Titans 22 and Annual 2
The Annual contains the conclusion to the story in the main book, and Roy was vindicated. There was a good story here buried under ordinary writing. It was okay, but it could have been better. Still, we had the usual feelgood Titans story: they're at their best when they're together.

Kill or be Killed 18
This comic is winding down, with only a few more issues left, two after this one, I believe. The you-know-what is getting real close to hitting the fan.

Flash 44 -45
The speedsters neutralize the threat, then Titans Wally West finally reintroduces himself to his aunt Iris. This was a long time coming.

Saga 51
Fun times. Sadness. This issue has both and some stuff in between. Geez, I love this book.

Descender 28-29
A flashback story gives some background on the rise of the machines and we learn why Tim-21 is so important. Mostly. I love this, but I'm thinking it would've been better to read it all at once. That way, I wouldn't keep forgetting details from past issues by the time I read the new one.

Super Sons 15
Damian and Jon make a great team. Their latest adventure has them uncovering a threat to the Justice League. This book is so much fun.

Tales of Suspense 103 - 104: Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier
The bickering duo of Clint and Bucky is fun, but these issues belongs to Natasha,. First, we learn how she survived being killed and then she neatly isolates her former lovers so she can complete the job she set out to do. This was rather enjoyable and I hope we see more of Natasha soon.

Nightwing 43
Dick hangs out with Damian and Roy Harper, making for one weird team-up. Not bad.

Ms. Marvel 27-29
Kamala returns, just in time, to help save the day, with an assist from Captain Marvel. Bruno is back, too, and there's a new girl in school, and somehow, it all feels majorly important. This book is so good at capturing the feel of superheroing while dealing with teenage angst.

Superman 45
The Kents finally, officially move out of the Hamilton County house. Not much story here, just a very precious slice of life. I love this book so much. I have much concern over the Bendis era of Superman that's coming.

Action 1000
Lots of short stories showing how loved Supes is. I didn't read the Bendis one, though. Lots of lovely art, too.

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