Monday, August 13, 2018

I Am a Bad Blogger

I am. I'm bad. I used to blog daily, or at worst, weekly. Now I spend my time on Facebook, reading news that alarms me, and on my tablet playing games. to calm me. Comics are still a way for me to relax, but blogging about them kind of became a chore. Still, I will forge on!

Here's some comics I read in the last month or two.

Kill or be Killed 20
The end of the story. This had a bit of a twist at the end. Overall, the story was magnificent.

Descender 30-32
This also is the conclusion and ended in a surprising way, which author Lemire admits in an afterward, wasn't the ending he'd planned. So there will now be a sequel, Ascender. I'm looking forward to it.

Saga 53-54
The end of the current arc. I can't... I can't really talk about it and not just because of spoilers. I have too many feelings about this. This is not a book for people who want only happy stories. That the book is going on a long hiatus, of a year or longer, is not helping.

Nightwing 46-47
Buh-bye. After some really nice stories that delved into Dick's personal life, past, and psyche, we get some tripe about a virtual attack on Bludhaven that, honestly, could have been told with any lead character. *yawn* I've reluctantly dropped this from my pull list.

Flash 49-52
Geez, these piled up. Wally's race through the speed force to find his missing children breaks the speed force and reveals there are other forces, too. I'm still reading this because I like the pseudo, comic-book science concepts it's dealing with. It's fun.

Ms. Marvel 31-32
Issue 31 is the 50th issue of Ms. Marvel (thanks to the renumbering nonsense), and is wonderful. Kamala has a slumber party, and guest artists help out in the oversized issue. And in the next issue, Kamala and Bruno try to pick up their friendship. This might be a book about superheroes, but the emotions are painfully realistic. I love this book.

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