Monday, September 16, 2019

What I'm Reading

I'm still here. I have so many interests, that I don't seem to make the time to blog much, anymore. I've also run out of things to say. I find it easier to review books, over on my book blog than to review ongoing comics.

So I thought I'd post some comments about some comics I'm currently enjoying, for anyone still reading/following this blog. My comics reading has evolved/changed over the last few years. I tired of DC's events and got tired with Nightwing. I got annoyed with Titans. I got bored with Flash. I'm also deeply missing Saga and hope it returns soon.

But I'm being entertained by an interesting mix of comics. Ascender is an intriguing follow-up to Descender. The current Captain Marvel is keeping me reading, though the current Magnificent Ms. Marvel is on the cusp of being dropped. It just doesn't seem as good as when G. Willow Wilson was writing it. And as often happens, much as I love Wilson's writing, I found her take on Wonder Woman kind of dull. Some writers are better with some characters than others, for me, at least.

Web of Black Widow 1 is a decent start to what I hope will be a good story, one with some meat on it and not just another decent yet forgettable one as I felt the just concluded Black Widow title was.

Catwoman continues to be fun and despite going on for 9 issues and counting, Mavel's Invaders is keeping me reading, thanks to Cap and Bucky.

But the title that's got me really hooked is DC's Lois Lane 12-issue series. Only three issues in, Greg Rucka has me eager for the next issue. Lois is in her element -- being an investigative journalist -- and despite my not reading the current Superman titles, I'm having no trouble following along. Including Renee Montoya/The Question is most welcome, and I'm so happy Lois is getting the star treatment. I loved her now-silly-seeming series published back in the '60s, and can't believe it's taken this long to see her name on covers again. I'd love her to get an ongoing title.

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