Sunday, February 27, 2011

Upon Review

Not much this week.

Green Arrow 9 continued with its Blackest Night tie-in with the mystical, magical, mysterious forest. Phantom Stranger, a character I used to like a lot, puts in a token appearance and doesn't do much except piss off Ollie a bit. But he and Jason Blood have Etrigan to deal with and I was never much of a Blood/Etrigan fan, so I kinda skimmed over this. Then things get complicated and next issue looks to be more interesting, as in actually advancing the plot. Not great, but readable.

Gotham City Sirens 20
Just when I think Harley is pretty much just a bubblehead, a story like this comes along and proves she does have a brain and is rather ruthless, too! Crazy or not, she kicked ass in this installment as this book continues to entertain. And it's always nice to know her work as a therapist is helping in her new endeavors.

Detective 874
Dick and Tim team up, what with Dick still dealing with lingering effects of the toxin he's got in his system and needing the help, while Commissioner Gordon has a rather chilling conversation with his son. The art was nice, dark, and stylized. Overall, this was very creepy but very good.

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