Friday, February 18, 2011

Week in Review

A mixed bag this week.

Booster Gold 41
I'm just skimming this now until Jurgens is back. More sibling bickering between Michael and Michelle. More of the kid, Rani, Booster had rescued, and she's becoming an annoyance, adding nothing to the stories. I just don't like the tone of the book now.

Supergirl 61
There's nothing wrong with this book now, but it feels like something is missing with the change in creative team. Supergirl had become something special and now the specialness seems to be gone. The story is progressing well and Robin makes a nice guest appearance. The superhero app plotline is fun, but still... ah well. Not everyone can be as good as Gates and Igle and this is still far better than it was in its first issues. The art is fairly nice, too, but Chang still has a few odd moments. Kara's hair is too short and in one panel on the rooftop, if her skirt were any lower it would be hugging her knees. I'd rate the art a B due to unevenness.

Brightest Day 20
So, it looks like the resurrected have things to accomplish and once they do that to the white lantern's satisfaction, they vanish. This is not a happy title. Still, the new Aqualad is a good addition to the DCU and the scenes between Arthur and Mera were well done.

Batman 707
A decent ending to a convoluted plotline, and Dick handled the case with skill. And it was nice to see Lucius Fox play a role. And now we've got things heating up with the Riddler.

Green Lantern 62
Not one of Hal's better days, and his JLA pals aren't too happy with him, either. Things are coming to a head and we've got the War of the Green Lanterns about to start. I'm not sure how much of this I'll be following. I really can't add more GL titles to my monthly reading. I'm still trying to decide how many Flashpoint titles I can handle.

Sprit 11
A truce between Dolan and the Octopus to defeat a common enemy can't be good news, and now Dolan's targeted. A solid title.


  1. I got the feeling that come hell or high water, Giffen and DeMatteis wanted to get Booster into prison...somehow. Because having Rip make him go back and stand trial REALLY doesn't make a lick of sense.

    I am really pining for Jurgens.

    I rather liked Brightest Day, but man is the Life Entity a tool or what?

    Definitely not one of Hal's better days. It was rather stupid of him to turn down Superman's help, and Barry could probably do something but really, what the HECK could Batman do? Still, I can hardly wait to see what happens.

  2. Oh, yeah, the Life Entity is really annoying me. Someone needs to whip it upside its uh, head? ;)