Sunday, March 06, 2011

Comics and Comic Books

The NY Daily News went down to 2 pages of comics from 3 pages. A lot of my favorites are gone. I can get most of them online in one form or another, either emailed or in Google Reader or via a GoComics widget in iGoogle, and even via Facebook. But Sherman's Lagoon seems to not be available via a feed of some sort. So I bookmarked it on the Seattle Times site of all places and we'll see if I remember to check it. I fear print comic strips are a dying art form.

A few reviews of comic books, which likely will last a bit longer than newspaper strips.

Brightest Day 21
J'onn J'onzz accomplished his "mission" and the White Lantern got him. That's really all that happened. ;) Lovely art and a solid installment of the story.

Streets of Gotham 20
Really weird flashback to Bruce's parents story. Not bad, but I not one of my faves, for sure. Some nice Bruce Batman and Catwoman scenes, though.

Freedom Fighters 7
I'm really sorry this book has been canceled, but it really isn't for everyone with its heavy political themes and rah rah patriotism. It also has solid writing and nice art and some great characters, but I guess that isn't always enough these days. However, it looks like my favorite Freedom Fighter Firebrand is dead, and I'm getting really tired of killing decent characters in the DCU. I hope he's revived at the conclusion of the story/title.

Secret Six 31
I so love this book. Things are getting a tad out of hand with Scandal skewering Ragdoll, and next issue promises to be a typical adventure for the gang. The cover is a stunner, too.

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