Monday, May 26, 2014

Boatload of Reviews from A through W

As a naturally lazy person, I once again have fallen behind on reading and reviewing. Here's the latest batch, more than usual.

The Adventures of Apocalypse Al 1-4
This frothy bit of fantasy from J.Michael Straczynski was rather fun, mainly thanks to snappy narration from the title character, Allison Carter, a PI whose job is to keep the world safe from destruction, which in this case involves finding the person who found the ancient Book of Keys before that person finds the right spell to unleash Hell on Earth. Not a great or original tale, but I wouldn't mind spending more time with Al.

Black Widow 6
Natasha ends one threat, only to realize it was just the tip of a larger conspiracy of evil. I read this a while ago and don't remember much detail. To be honest, I'm enjoying this more for the art than the story. Just getting to see Phil Noto's art (covers and interior) is worth getting this book.

Captain America 3
With the Guardians of the Galaxy guest-starring, what more do you need to know? The current story continues with a big misunderstanding and an interesting debate over which is better: trying to relocate refugees from a planet/place that is proving unhealthy for them or leaving them there and helping them find a cure? It's a question even we Earthbound folks never truly figure out.

Fairest 26
And so, the story with all the damn mice draws to a close. I love Andreyko's writing, but this long-winded tale left me bored.

Harley Quinn 6
Harley and Sy-Borg wrap up Sy's quest for vengeance in time to watch the dawn together. It's amazing how Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti make a psychopath like Harley so sweet and, even, lovable. Chad Hardin on art chores helps, too.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 31
Roy outwits Lobo and saves the day. The conclusion of a decent story by Pfeifer.

Red Sonja 9
Another chapter in Sonja's quest to put together the perfect feast for a dying king. Fun, without the depth and complexity of Simone's first story arc. I preferred the first arc.

Rocket Girl 5
Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder's first story ends with.... But no, that would spoil it. This time-travel story of paradoxes needs to be read and appreciated. I can't wait for more of Dayoung Johannson, the Rocket Girl's adventures.

Saga 19
Hazel is a toddler, Marko is trying to keep a low profile, and Alana is doing her best to support her family. What could go wrong? And, oh that last page!

Shadow Year One 9
The Shadow gets closer to the evil plaguing the city. Up close and personal with it.

Velvet 5
Mostly a flashback issue to an earlier case and Velvet's ill-fated marriage. This book by Brubaker and Epting continues to entertain and enthrall me.

World's Finest 23
The quest for Kara and Helena to return to their Earth begins in earnest. Much as I love these characters, this book is starting to bore me.


  1. I too am relieved that the Fairest storyline finally...FINALLY came to an end. And Saga of course, was wonderful.

  2. Here's hoping the next Fairest story gets back to the book's usual level of excellence.

  3. Fairest does seem to alternate between really good and pretty boring stories, doesn't it?

    1. It does. And with stories going on for more than an issue or two these days, that often means 6 months of boredom.