Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Can Review that Comic in One Line

I'm so far behind with posts here, that one line is the fastest way I can catch up.

This retro origin tale for the Grey Raven is loads of fun.

Copperhead 3
The mystery thickens as more cultural tensions in Copperhead are slowly revealed in this intriguing science fiction western tale.

Lazarus 13
Political machinations could have dire consequences in Rucka's excellent dystopian book.

Dream Police 5
I'm really enjoying this ongoing story about the people who police dreams, where nothing is quite what it seems.

Black Widow 12
Anderson Cooper (yes!) guest stars as the media questions Natasha's methods in this minimalist yet intriguing chapter.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 36
Not much happens as Roy lingers near death while Jason and Oliver Queen snap at each other, while Kori grapples with what she's done.

Captain Marvel 9
Much fun as Carol mediates a planned wedding between a reluctant rock star and an alien prince.

Jennifer Blood: Born Again 4
I figured the ending of the Jennifer Blood series had been sufficiently satisfying that more didn't need to be written, but I was wrong as I'm enjoying this story of Jen going up against an imposter.

Legendary Star-Lord 5
The usual entertaining hijinks as Peter runs into trouble, again.

Fairest 31
Much fun as a mystery is solved at the farm, while Reynard and his lady love deal with her unexpected pregnancy.

Velvet 8
Velvet risks her freedom and more to get a piece of intell in this amazing Cold War spy book.

Saga 24
So much emotion in this chapter, the last for a few months, plus all the great characterization, writing, and art that makes this my favorite comic.