Friday, November 25, 2016

So Many Comics

I have so many comics I'm reading these days, I might need to cut back. Some will end soon or are limited series, but that still leaves a lot. This batch of reviews covers at least two weeks and I still have the new Harley Quinn to read.

Frostbite 3
This dystopian story based on a world trapped by a new Ice Age is intriguing. Characters are dropping like flies and there's a cat-and-mouse chase on the ice and I really want to see where this ends up. And I love the art.

Eclipse 3
This dystopian story is set in a reality where a solar flare has made the surface of Earth deadly during the day. There's a mystery, but the characters aren't as interesting as Frostbite's, and while the art is nice, I like the art on Frostbite more. They do make a nice duo, though.

Bitch Planet 9
Grieving her death, and angry, too, Meiko's father has taken control of the prison's computer system and opens the cell doors. The expected chaos ensues. Given the current political climate in the US, and even elsewhere where women's rights are concerned, this comic is more timely than ever. "Non-Compliant" means so much right now.

Captain Marvel 10
And this book mercifully comes to a conclusion as we move on to an issue 0 next time. Carol ended up not being quite the uncaring bitch she's seemed lately, but I'm still not happy with this take on the character. The art was bland, too.

Blue Beetle 3
Jaime wants rid of the scarab, so reluctantly goes to Ted for help. If I had a clue where this is going, I might enjoy it more, but right now, it's just a mess with not much having really happened to this point. I'll give it a few more issues to charm me the way the original did.

Titans 5
Still focusing on Wally. I want to see more of the Titans team, and maybe, given Wally's sacrifice in this, we will see the rest of the team deal with things next issue. Still, they're the Titans of the past, true to character, and that makes me happy.

Flash 11
The Shade needs Barry's help fighting his trouble-making shadows. This book continues to entertain.

Wonder Woman 11
Things on Themyscria aren't what they seem. Meanwhile, Etta is suspicious of Sasha, apparently with good reason. I so love this book.

DC Bombshells 19
Featuring the Batgirls. Usually, the standalone Batgirls chapters are my favorites, but this was a bit off. Mostly, Harvey got his Two-Face look.

Jessica Jones 2
I have no idea what the heck is going on here. Jessica is acting more dysfunctional than usual, her mother is taking care of the baby, and Jessica's latest case fall apart. This book is on the cusp for me, and that makes me sad. I wanted it to be great. I hoped it would be great. Right now, it's just meh.

Kill or be Killed 4
The first arc ends in a cliffhanger. Noir at its best.


  1. I gave up on Blue Beetle, to great sadness, but the Shade story in the Flash is definitely improving.

    1. I'm giving Blue Beetle one more issue. Supergirl is on the cusp, too. I hate the art and I don't like Kara back in high school. I prefer her older now.